class=" fc-falcon">adjective.

The adjectives are highlighted and the linking verbs are in bold.

Hugh was spotted by local police and had to leave quickly. .


Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

. Opposite of to identify or find, especially with great accuracy or precision. a word that describes a noun or pronoun: 3.

the ten spot of spades.

Be original, inventive, browse through the whole list and select the adjective that’ll impress you readers! To search words for which to find adjectives for, type at least 2 letters in the autocomplete word search box, and then select a. . Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

1. Iske and goenka family ke tareef main adjectives kam pad jaayenge.


on the spot Examples from the Corpus on-the-spot • It is recommended for on-the-spot checking for animals before they enter the herd and.

the American spelling of favoured. .

. The list of adjectives most often used to describe spot.

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class=" fc-falcon">adjective.

a white dog with a black patch on its head; patches of dense fog; dot a small round mark on something, especially one that is printed:. ” Another way to spot adjectives in your texts is to identify adjectives that make comparisons in a sentence. class=" fc-falcon">Definition of spot-on adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

definition 1: a mark, such as a stain, or something like a stain, that is different in color from the area surrounding it; blot. (also adjective) an on-the-spot decision. The adjectives are highlighted and the linking verbs are in bold. A. Learn more.


In the example above, the word deeply describes how he was staring, so deeply is an adverb. .

Describing Words.

Nouns: A noun is any word that can label a person, place or thing.


a word that describes a noun or pronoun: 2.